Saturday, 16 September 2017

71 returns to the road

Next Departure: 71 is ready for its passengers for a run into St. Annes, alongside is Fylde 45 - originally 75 - the final mainsteam production Atlantean to enter service back on 1st October 1984 (Paul Turner)

After a successful first MOT test in at least six years, 71 was taxed and returned to the rally scene at the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust's Lytham Hall Running Day. 71 worked in service from St. Annes to Lytham Hall and the did two more round trips on the free bus service. A further trip was scheduled, but Mike Brady generously offered his ex Fylde Atantean 45, so we took that instead! 
Sometimes you can get a near timeless image on runing day, here Don Penney has captured 71 as if it was pulling away from Lytham Square stops on its way from Wesham to St. Annes Square on the 193 service (Don Penney)